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I am a proud San Diego native and began working in construction after I graduated from high school. I worked in construction for several years, gaining imortant skills and techniques that I have carried over into my work at Rocha Murals and Paint. 

​I began working as a painter and contractor with Gloria over ten years ago. I take pride on my keen eye and attention to detail. I am able to carefully craft custom projects and home imporovment endeavors to increase the quality of your home. My skills include indoor and outdoor painting, cabinet refinishing, home improvements and custom jobs. I love the work that I do and enjoy the opportunity to work and bring your home or business to the next level.

I have been drawing and painting for most of her life. In the early 1990's, I discovered a love for oil painting in the early 90's. It was through the exploration of this new passion that I met a local mural artist who began teaching me the technique and art of mural painting. I then began a three year apprenticeship under this artists before moving to start my own business.

As I began painting murals and establishing my business, I also began studying Interior Design. Through this learning and background, I was able to continue to expand and perfect my art. Since then, I have painted murals all over Southern California, both in residential and commercial spaces. It is through my work and through art that I find purpose and meaning. Being able to share that with others is why I love what I do.

Rocha Murals and Paint was originally founded as De La Gloria Murals in 1994. This family owned and operated business has been working to bring art and beauty to your home for over 15 years. Founded by Gloria Favela Rocha as a mural business, it has since then expanded to include a variety of techniques and services to make your home look its best. Both owners are San Diego natives and residents. 

Gloria Favela Rocha

Mural Artist

Jaime Rocha

Painter & Contractor


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